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"Thanks for your submission. I know you've got a lot of energy, so I'll say that if you completely redesign your site, and make it an awesome experience (see some of my previous high-fives), I'll come back and give it serious consideration. You have potential, and most people don't get this much from me, so consider yourself noticed."
> David Siegel

"Where were you when the page was blank?"
> Truman Capote

"Thought you might be interested to know that we thought the gallery was a good site, and we've included it on this week's round-up of Web sites. (Jump: News Perspective and select Web guide from the menu)."
> Prodigy News Editors

"After touring the many rooms of this gallery and reading some things to read, you might get the impression that the 1990s genre of Techno-Impressionism is being defined right before your very eyes. You might also get the impression that some of the work of the Techno-Impressionists does not look digital or computer generated at all. But then again, that's the beauty of it."
> Netsurfer Digest

"The Techno-Impressionist Gallery - Does most digital art leave your retinas begging for mercy? This soothing site features a huge gallery of computer-generated art with an organic feel. It might be all over for charcoal. Judge for yourself."
> NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages

Techno-Impressionist Art
Topic: /Arts/Art/Electronic_Artist/Computer_Art/
Review: As Tony Karp, curator of this site explains, Techno-Impressionists maintain the philosophies of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art but utilize computers and other media. This is a large and ever-growing collection of interesting work by various artists.
> Excite NetReviews

Techno-Impressionist gallery
This is one of the largest art sites on the web, with almost 100 images. The gallery changes quite often as a new room is added every day or two. It is based on the work of the Impressionist painters of the late 19th century, but using modern materials and techniques. Interesting place to check out current contemporary artists and a must for every artist.
> Extreme Exposure -- Japan

"A preliminary drawing for a wallpaper pattern is more highly finished than this seascape."
> Louis Leroy, 1874,
- Criticism of Monet's "Impression, Sunrise" in the first Impressionist exhibition

"I really hate to be a critic, but I looked at your pages. The words "Bad" "Cheesy" and the phrase "Cheap computer tricks" came to mind immediately."
> Travis Anton, 1995,
- criticism of the Techno-Impressionist gallery

"As for your critics - "Bad" "Cheesy" and the phrase "Cheap computer tricks" are phrases that we at MOBA do not like to see bandied about carelessly. As a director of the leading institution in the nation dedicated to bad art, I can assure you that your work is none of the above and we resent the authors solipsistic recklessness."
> Jerry Reilly, Museum of Bad Art (MOBA),
- officially declaring this work to be 'not bad'

"Wonderful stuff. Spent an hour here. Keep up the effort. An oasis in the desert"
> Michael Richard

"Riding a minimalist wave -- far from the impressionism of Monet, with which the masses may be more familiar -- Techno-Impressionists break, make, and reinvent the rules. They are a group of conceptual artists who use computer-age tools and experimental routes to disseminate information and imagery.

The art is wonderful, the site is smooth and well-organized, and, overall, it's a fantastic look at the art world through the periscope of HTML."
> Shel Kimen, The Net Magazine, April 1996

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