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"If you are not skillful enough to sketch a man jumping out of a window in the time it takes him to fall from the fourth story to the ground, you will never be able to produce great works."
> Eugene Delacroix

"Delacroix's method for learning to sketch quickly works great, but it's really rough on the models."
> Vincent van Gui

"It's not art if it can't be distinguished from something else that is not art."
> Pablo PigCasso

"Beware the lure of the technical."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech,
- further thoughts on Techno-Impressionism

"We have become a society where it's okay to offend on purpose, but a capital crime to offend by accident."
> Vincent van Gui

"A preliminary drawing for a wallpaper pattern is more highly finished than this seascape."
> Louis Leroy, 1874,
- Criticism of Monet's "Impression, Sunrise"
in the first Impressionist exhibition

"I really hate to be a critic, but I looked at your pages. The words "Bad" "Cheesy" and the phrase "Cheap computer tricks" came to mind immediately."
> Travis Anton, 1995,
- criticism of the Techno-Impressionist gallery

"As for your critics - "Bad" "Cheesy" and the phrase "Cheap computer tricks" are phrases that we at MOBA do not like to see bandied about carelessly. As a director of the leading institution in the nation dedicated to bad art, I can assure you that your work is none of the above and we resent the authors solipsistic recklessness."
> Jerry Reilly, Museum of Bad Art (MOBA),
- officially declaring this work to be 'not bad'

"This is just the sort of thing that this sort of thing has always been a perfect example of."
> Vincent van Gui,
- explaining something

"Painting took on a fabulous strength and splendour...the object was discredited as an indispensable element of the picture."
> Wassily Kandinsky, 1895,
- on viewing one of Monet's paintings

"Van Gui, of course, preferred GIFs. PigCasso was into MPEG. And I used JPEG."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech,
- discussing the start of the Compressionist movement

"How do you get to Lautrec? Just start at Leonardo, make a right turn at Delacroix, and keep going. You can't miss him."
> Pablo PigCasso

"It's fun to give great-sounding names to art that has no craft."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech,
- commenting on Postmodern Performance Painting

"I would rather choose the painting of a monkey over anything generated electronically, because I am more fascinated by the direct evidence of a mind at work than I am by the output of machines"
> Gary Glenn

"If Unix were a travel agency, getting to the moon would be as easy as getting to the beach. And vice versa."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"Before you push the envelope, open it up and see what's inside."
> L' Architecte Karp

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